LifeOr… Once paroled, the real work begins!

As signified by the image above, release on parole for a man who has completed a “… To Life” prison sentence is just the first of many steps required to enable oneself to live a life worthy of the work he has put in to reach that point in his life. Where does he go from there?

Nearly every released life prisoner is required to begin his new life at a Transitional Housing Facility. Unfortunately, most of these facilities encompass the tired, old, “Sober Living Facility” moniker – a place where recently released state prisoners, jail prisoners, and those fleeing detox farms are released to, because there is no where else for them to go, but the State or county is not quite ready to give them an outright release. Such a facility is not the kind of place a man who has just completed a 20+ year sentence should be housed at; surrounded by those who have not yet become aware; among those who are secretly, or not too secretly, still using or under the influence.

This is where LifeOr… Concord House comes in. Although still a sober-living facility, LifeOr… Concord House understands that most Life prisoners have been sober or drug-free for years – if not decades. Rather than sober-living only, or just a way station, LifeOr… Concord House first gives a former life prisoner a safe place to decompress from the structured yet stifling world of prison; amongst others who have gone through the initial shock and are there to provide support and encouragement. LifeOr… Concord House is a private dwelling in a residential neighborhood. It is a 5-bedroom, 3-bath home that is able to accommodate up to a maximum of 8 life parolees, for a period of 6 to 18 months, depending upon need and placement.

At present, LifeOr… Concord House is only accepting those Life prisoners who are released to the Central Coast areas comprising from San Simeon to Santa Barbara. If this sounds like the place you would like your loved one to parole to, have him write to us and explain a little about himself and when he anticipates next going before the Board of Prison Hearings. We will follow up by sending him an application for acceptance into our facility.

It should be noted that LifeOr… Concord House is a non-profit organinization under #####

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